Episode 16

Episode 16: Nisha Manaktala, CTO at Hiscox

Published on: 10th October, 2022

In episode 9 of season three of Behind the Desk I am joined by Nisha Manaktala, who is the CTO at Hiscox, one of the biggest brands in Insurance. I've known her for several years now, and her 20-year career journey into leadership is massively impressive, including being named a CIO Top 100. 

It was great to chat to her and understand more about her early career, her passion for technology, which started at 11 years of age, and some brilliant advice for anyone looking to take the next step up. She also challenges our thinking, and shines a light on key issues such as talent retention, talent attraction and creating an environment where people are connected to their work with passion and purpose. 

She's the kind of person you can really sit to and talk for hours about this, so let’s get behind the desk with Nisha. 

Connect with Nisha on LinkedIn. 

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