Episode 17

Episode 17: Pravina Ladva, Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Swiss Re

Published on: 24th October, 2022

In episode 10 of season three of Behind the Desk I am joined by Pravina Ladva, who is the Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Swiss Re, one of the world's largest reinsurance companies. 

Pravina is one of the most respected technology leaders in the insurance space, and I have been trying to get her on the podcast for a while now. So, undoubtably I enjoyed every second of our chat. 

In this episode we covered a lot about her route into insurance technology, her passion for change and growth and the link it has with her career development, her views on diversity within the insurance sector and a bit about what’s on her agenda at Swiss Re. She also shines a light on how we can take the current challenges in our market and use them to fuel opportunities in tech. 

Pravina has achieved so much in her career across multiple sectors, and this interview is one which will not disappoint, so let’s get behind the desk with Pravina. 

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